The objective of this study is to identify the socio-educational needs in childhood with congenital heart disease. Our study was carried out using a multi-method, it combines quantitative and qualitative data collected in Catalonia (Spain). The results obtained from the questionnaires and interviews with education professionals, children with congenital heart disease and their families have enabled us to establish categories. Analysis of these has provided knowledge of their socio-educational needs. This article highlights the need to consider this impact as well as its psychosocial and educational effect, and the need to focus school education on improving their quality of life.


Authors: Violant, V.; Salmerón, C.; Ponce, C.;
Journal: New Educational Review
Volume: 27(1)
Page number: 64-77
Year of publication: 2012
Impact factor(SCI/SSCI): SSCI – 0.149
Quartile(SCI/SSCI): Q4 (204/219)
Research Domain: Education & Educational Research

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