Aims: To assess perinatal outcome in women with pregestational diabetes mellitus according to the sex of the fetus.
Methods: A retrospective review of all singleton pregnancies of women with pregestational diabetes progressing to a gestational age of 22 weeks or more who attended the diabetes and pregnancy clinic from 1981 to 2006 (n = 455). We compared maternal characteristics and perinatal outcomes (perinatal mortality, major congenital malformations, small and large for gestational age newborns, preterm birth and a composite of the former) according to the sex of the fetus. A logistic regression analysis was performed using the composite perinatal outcome as the dependent variable and all maternal variables and sex of fetus as potential predictors.
Results: Maternal characteristics did not differ in mothers of male and female newborns. In the whole cohort, the composite perinatal outcome was significantly higher in male fetuses; adjusted OR 1.61 (95% CI 1.04–2.50).
Conclusions: In women with pregestational diabetes, perinatal outcome was poorer in male newborns despite similar maternal characteristics.

Authors: García-Patterson, A.; Aulinas, A.;  Sojo, L.; Ginovart, G.; Adelantado, J.M.; de Leiva, A.; Corcoy, A.;
Journal: Diabetic Medicine
Volume: 28
Page number: 436-39
Year of publication: 2011
Impact factor(SCI/SSCI): ISI JCR-SCI 2,9
Quartile(SCI/SSCI): Q2 (49/122)
Research Domain: Pediatric

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