Background: The implementation of the Newborn Individualized Developmental Care and Assessment Program (NIDCAP) requires a significant effort from all professionals involved.
Aim: To determine the necessary requirements and barriers perceived by health professionals in the implementation of the NIDCAP.
Study design: A questionnaire covering requirements and obstacles perceived in the implementation of the NIDCAP was developed and validated in two Spanish level III neonatal intensive care units. The questionnaire was answered by 305 health professionals (response rate of 85%).

Authors: Mosqueda, R.; Castilla, Y.; Perapoch, J.; de la Cruz, J.; López-Maestro, M.; Pallás, C.;
Journal: Early Human Development
Volume: 89(9)
Page number: 649-53
Year of publication: 2013
Impact factor(SCI/SSCI): SCI 2.02
Quartile(SCI/SSCI): Q2 (22/76)
Research Domain: Pediatric


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