Hospital Pedagogy is a speciality that is having and important rise and growth at the international level. Every time it is more obvious the need of specific basic and continuous education of the professionals involved, which in this case come from different disciplines, specially Education, Health, Psychology and Psycho-pedagogy. This book issues from the demand of systematizing the fundamental contents of postgraduate teaching that has been developed in University of Barcelona and in Santiago de Chile, in the past years. It presents from a current and wide perspective, the conceptual and methodological basis to implement programs and education strategies in the different intervention contexts (hospital, school and home-school). It can turn out of great utility to professionals, since the theoretical proposal and the innovation elements aim to ease the professional practice and optimize the educational attention both grouped and individualized. At the same time, it can help to the responsible of the planning, management and start-up of intervention plans regarding Hospital Pedagogy.

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