Educating in a hospital context is synonym of hope, especially for those children and adolescents that are hospitalized and/or under treatment. Hospital Pedagogy is the pedagogy of love, it is a new way to educate in a hospital environment, it makes sense to the concept of inclusion, and it generates a space of contention and allows the children the possibility to present to themselves a future. In this book you will find an educational intervention model in the hospital environment, where it is defined different concepts related to hospital pedagogy, such as disease, hospitalization, education, health and others. It has been written by the author with the participation of professors and directors of different schools of Carolina Labra R foundation, where the showing was done. The main goal of this book is helping to those people or institutions that work with children and adolescents that are hospitalized or have any disease to understand better the impact that the disease and the hospitalization can produce to them and their families. On the other hand, it aims to make publish the actual educative model to teach the patients-students.

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