The attention deficit disorder with or without hyperactivity is one of the main consultation reasons in the paediatric Mental Health centres. The basic characteristics of ADHD are excess levels of activity, attention deficit and impulsiveness. Nowadays, the diagnostic follows the DSM IV-TR criteria (American Psychiatric Association, 2000) and/or the CIE-10.


  • To define, develop and application of algorithm of Vision through Computer for the analysis of videos and data obtained with laser sensors to extract behavioural data of the children related to ADHD symptoms by movements of the hands, head and body detection. This technology will result in an innovative application of expression/action recognition for the behavioural analysis of the children at school or in front a computer for the systematic acquisition of the data of children with ADHD diagnosis.

  • Principal Investigator: Antoni Benseny Ardiaca
  • Research Group Members: Verónica Violant
  • Funding Entity: University of Barcelona
  • Collaborating Entity: University of Barcelona
  • Duration: 2012-2014


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