What does the research group aim for?

The research group in Hospital Pedagogy in neonatology and paediatrics, has as its main goal to have an impact on newborns, children and adolescents in situations of vulnerability giving an answer to the needs of this population and the implicated agents (family and healthcare professionals), through strategies from Hospital Pedagogy that promote their competences.

By means of this goal, it aims to favour a care-educational model of excellence, inclusive, centred in the development of childhood and family (DFCC), in order to achieve a good quality of life in this population.

Specific goals:

  • To promote the scientific knowledge and research from the pairing of “neonatology-paediatrics” and “hospital pedagogy” regarding the DFCC model.
  • To evaluate, from a systemic point of view, the care model components that will allow effecting improvements.
  • To promote psycho-pedagogic strategies to to ease the implementation of the DFCC and the development of competences of newborns, children and adolescencents in situations of vulnerability (self-regulation, communication, cognition and resilience); parental competences (parentality and proper care, confrontation and resilience) and professional competences (observational skills, interpretative skills, decision making and empowerment) in order to give an answer to the needs of this population and the implicated agents.
  • To conduct knowledge transfer actions through scientific activity and dissemination.

Research group acknowledged by “Generalitat de Catalunya”
SGR 2014 (806, emerging modality)



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